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Our first eCookbook is here!

Finally, we have a book. After a year and a half on the road, we have put together a collection of recipes inspired by our travels, local ingredients, cooking in our tiny motorhome kitchen and our shift to a minimal lifestyle.

With over 40 recipes and full colour images, from breakfast to dinner, plus a few drinks for happy hour or a cozy Winter’s cuppa, this book will keep you inspired in the travel kitchen, or inspire wanderlust in the home cook.

In PDF format for people traveling light, we created this digital book to take on the road with you, whether that be in a van or motorhome, a tiny house, or just a small kitchen in an AirBnb. The book is also carbon neutral and contains only plant-based, gluten-free, refined sugar-free recipes - a win for the planet and your body!

Complete with resources to help make your Wonderland cooking experiences easy, it includes a guide on Measuring Ingredients without measuring cups and spoons, a Travel Pantry Packing List and things to make before you go such as Plant-based Parmesan and Wonderland Dukkah.

Download your free copy right here:

We are giving the book away for free because we want everyone to enjoy it and share it with friends and family, especially if they are curious or currently into plant-based, gluten-free, refined sugar-free eating. However, if you feel like sending us a gift for the book, we would be very humbled to accept.

The important thing is that you use the book and tell us what you make from it by using #wonderlandfoodontheroad when you post a picture!

40+ Plant-based recipes for adventurers.

Designed for tiny kitchens with limited resources, this book was written for travelers in motorhomes, campers and #vanlife travel. This collections of recipes could also be used to kick start your plant-based journey, help inspire some new dishes to make in a holiday house or just mix up your existing plant-based repertoire.

A taste of Wonderland…

Sample recipe page

Sample recipe page

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Paella Valenciana

Paella Valenciana

13 Essential Tools for a #Vanlife Kitchen

13 Essential Tools for a #Vanlife Kitchen